starry night ring

Starry Starry Night Van Gogh Ring

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  • Enamel process-- The blue sky pattern on the ring surface is the enamel process Gold Plating process-- the star and moon use the Gold plating process S925 sterling silver-- the ring make of the S925

  • Package: 1x Wiping Silver Cloth 1x Van Gogh's sky rings


  • Ring Story:I have a small world in my heart that cannot be denied when see the star, I will make a dream the dream that I will be the lonely Cypress tree by the Van Gogh's pen

  • Design Explain:S925 using silver to create a single ring, enamel surface to make the effect of the sky, the moon and stars for the gold plating Mainly in cloisonne,The colorful oil dripping process depicts the scene in Van Gogh's oil painting (Starry Night) on the surface of the ring,Blue represents sadness,Cypress symbolizes evergreen,Golden Star Moon is a dream and hope,When the pine trees touch the bright moon and stars,Dreams can be realized,Lonely and sadness all the way is not afraid.

  • Meaning:Please trust your dream, don't care the word by others